Oasis Staff

Executive Team

The executive body is the governing board of Oasis. The executives take care of all of the planning and organizing of the January retreat.

Director: Erin Mahoney

Director: Emma Landers

Staff Development: Michael Hoffmann

Finance: Catelyn Maness

Fundraising Specialist: Lyndsey Smith

Oasis Staff

Counselors: Counselors form the majority of Oasis staff and get to serve and love freshmen and transfer students in their small groups in September.

Media Team: Media Team works together to record the history of Oasis, publicize and promote its mission, and run technology for retreat.

Prayer Team: Prayer is the foundation of Oasis, and Prayer Team members are a vital part of the Oasis staff. They support students in prayer throughout the year, and they should be seeking God’s will and purpose for Oasis through prayer.

Program Staff: Program staff is vital to retreat and are responsible for the operation of logistics at camp such as food prep, large game set-up, check-in of students and ministry fair facilitation.


We are currently looking for college age students who love Jesus, are passionate about community, and want to serve incoming students to partner with us in creating Oasis 2020-2021!

Interested in becoming a part of the team? Apply below!